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My entry for GameArtisan’s Comicon Challenge 2009, a redesign of Batman’s supervillain The Scarecrow. This entry placed in the top 20.

Jeremy Gritton (Blizzard Entertainment) said

Probably the highest quality beauty render of the competition. Great lighting, pose, colors, and framing. It created a lasting first impression and is the main reason I chose this piece. I really enjoy the fun, stylized take on Scarecrow and the silhouette is fantastic. Nice touch with the Hangman’s Knot being used as a necklace. This one has a fun Jack Skellington type of feel. Overall a great piece and easily one of my favorites.

Tony Tsang (8th place Dominance War IV) said:

This is another excellent portrayal of a well-established character.  The stylization and the execution of Scarecrow are excellent.  Maph did a beautiful job with both the model and the texture of the character.  There is a great attention to detail and everything is exactly where its need to be. This Nightmare Before Christmas take on Scarecrow adds so much fun and character to this infamous comic book villain.

Created in Autodesk Softimage, ZBrush, Photoshop, xNormal; Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag and Modo.
9998 triangles with 2048×2048 textures.







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