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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Texturing,Posing And render)

by admin on Dec.12, 2010, under Artblog

I wish I have a lot more time on my hands to work on this, as I would have loved to push this guy really, really far. Alas, time is of the essence here people! :)
The texturing stage is nearly done, I have a pedestal (sort of) that still needs some more lurv, UV and texturing and a pretty solid rendering setup in Marmoset and XSI (using some custom HLSL shaders I wrote). It’s going to be time to almost wrap this guy up and call it a day. Lots of stuff learned, lots of stuff I regretted doing, especially workflow related, but live and learn I always say.

The next update should be a final shot of my Technomage.

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Texturing 2)

by admin on Nov.30, 2010, under Artblog

Second update on the texturing process of my TechnoMage entry for the Dominance War Mini contest. :)

Getting there, getting there… Only a small week left to finish the diffuse texture, make a specular tex, finish up my “pedestal”, find a good way to render it (marmoset, UDK, or write my own shader) and put it in a spiffy picture. :)

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Texturing 1)

by admin on Nov.23, 2010, under Artblog

The first WIP shot of the texturing of my Techno Mage. Progress has been a tad slow the past week but I’m determined to kick it into second gear as I’d like to finish the textures by the end of this week! :)
There is some nasty UV distorting business happening at his chest area I’ll need to resolve, but that’s not a biggy I guess.

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‘nother lunchbreak, ‘nother speedpaint

by admin on Nov.19, 2010, under Artblog

Some weird monkey cat ewok thing in about 45 minutes.

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Speedpaint fun!

by admin on Nov.18, 2010, under Artblog

I’m trying to do as much speed paints as possible lately as I feel I really need to brush up my color, composition and lighting skills & knowledge. But it’s been fun! I absolutely lurv doing these very quick, very rough concept sketches of environments, creatures, scenes and what not. Hopefully in time, I’ll get good at it! :)

This weird giant spider boss in a cathedral/church thing took me about 40 minutes.

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Model)

by admin on Nov.17, 2010, under Artblog

It’s been a couple of days since my last update, needless to say I’ve been busy. :)

I got most of the model done now, but I’m about 283 triangles overboard. Which isn’t all that much, so I’ll have to do some proper cleanup before starting with the UV’s, but that’s merely a trivial thing.

I really can’t wait to get started texturing and experimenting with the Wings FX! That’s gonna be way fun. :)
Either way, here goes!

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Orthographics)

by admin on Nov.14, 2010, under Artblog

Allrighty! I managed to whip up  couple of orthographics for my TechnoMage who shall remain unnamed until I find a proper name for the fella. :)

Let’s get modeling!

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (Concept2)

by admin on Nov.12, 2010, under Artblog

After some glorious feedback on GameArtisans, I went up and about and started working out one of the earlier sketches to a more “advanced” concept.

I do believe it’s time to get started on my orthographic sheets if there’s time of course, otherwise I might just go straight into XSI!

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Dominance War V: Pre Mini (concepts)

by admin on Nov.11, 2010, under Artblog

Seeing that our latest device builds of MageMaze are pretty stable for both IGF and indiepub, I’ve got some spare time on my hands. So I decided to join this years Dominance War mini, a contest I didn’t join in last time ’round, and I regretted it ever since. :(

Luckily, timing was down right perfect this year; so let’s get this show on the road!
The idea is to take one of the available character classes and build it into a character of your own without sculpting, baking, etc… Just good old diffuse painting!

The idea of a machine techno mage sounded too cool, so that’s the direction I’m going for. And as such, here are my initial drafts on the robut.

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John H. Vanderpoel Value Study

by admin on Oct.20, 2010, under Artblog

With all the coding I recently do at home and at work, I hardly get any art done anymore. So I needed some time off and so I spent an hour a half on this little value study based off a John H. Vanderpoel sketch. It’s a sketch you can find in on of his books called “The Human Figure“.
And if you don’t happen to own the book yet,¬†get it! It has been an invaluable resource to me as an artist. :)

There’s loads of stuff wrong with the image anatomy wise, but it’s been a good value practice. The nose in particular kinda freaks me out, ought to go back and fix it at some point!

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