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meMy name is Kristof Minnaert, a self-taught Technical Character Artist currently living in Nottingham, UK. I specialize in creating high quality pipeline tools & plugins, character art and games.

Coming from a more technical background and a general interest in technical art, I have good knowledge and experience in building plugins, tools, scripts, realtime shaders and game-scripts.

Some of the tools I use are Autodesk Maya, Microsoft Visual Studio, Wing IDE, Luxology Modo, Adobe Photoshop, xNormal, Topogun, etc…

I am currently employed at Lockwood Studios Ltd as a Technical Character Artist, however if the opportunity arises, I would be available for fulltime work (freelancing is negotiable). If you are interested in contacting me, please don’t hesitate to do so at kristof@maphart.com!

Thank you for checking out my portfolio!
Kristof Minnaert

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